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Body Language in Comics

How to Make a Kalimba

How to Make a Kalimba

Using Text in Comics


World Building In Comics

Character Design

Multi Color Contour

Panel Composition

Follow Your Path

How to Make a Kazoo

Drawing Action In Comics

Window Animation

Meet Our


Dancing Queen

Amy Notley

Amy Notley is a native of Cleveland Ohio. She holds a Bachelor's in Fine Arts from the University of Akron. After college she was on scholarship at Steps on Broadway in NYC. She has been a member of Do Jump Movement Theatre in Portland Oregon, SAFMOD, Cleveland Contemporary Dance Theatre and Antaeus Dance in Cleveland Ohio. Her current role as educator and mother is her current favorite.
Animator Pro

Brienne Broyles

Brienne is an animator and illustrator, crafting imaginative worlds through the eyes of cute round characters. She loves sharing and teaching the love and play art can bring, and how imaginative storytelling and expression can connect people together.
Illustrator Champion

Herb Ascherman

Herb Ascherman has spent most of his career in art and education. He has experiences as diverse as working for tv news, think thanks, and public, private, and parochial schools. He brings to PAA his passion for illustration and teaching!
Photographer Extraordinaire

Lexi Deet

Lexi is a professional photographer who has lived all over Ohio and as far as Santiago, Chile. She graduated from Ohio University with degrees in Spanish, Photojournalism and Anthropology and currently uses her expertise to teach children and adults with disabilities life skills through an artistic lens.
Installation Guru

Lynda Abraham

Lynda Abraham is the Lead Artist Educator at Progressive Arts Alliance. A recipient of a Masters degree of Fine Art from Pratt Institute in New York City, her roles at PAA is to be an fine artist, a teacher and project leader. As a member of the cohort her job is to inspire and trouble shoot ideas for potential projects, helping to make all programs fun, exciting, doable and within budget.

In addition to teaching arts-integrated and SEL projects, she is the "go-to" person for installation art. Knowledge of durable structures, public art, school safety codes and guidelines are her priority. From window installations to Banksy-style murals, Progressive Arts Alliance has become a permanent fixture in a number of participating CMSD schools.

Techy Math Geek

Mark Barczak

Mark loves to make art class accessible for everyone, and teaches students how art help us think creatively and in new ways! He is equally fascinated in digital and analog media, and hopes to teach the value of both to young learners.
Musical Master

Stephen Phillips

Stephen Phillips is a Soul-Pop Singer/Songwriter that performs under the moniker of 'Kennedy Blaq'. When he's not hard at work on new music, he likes to use his knowledge of Hip-Hop as a teaching tool when in the classroom. His artistic medium falls in the realm of performing arts & he believes in using Hip-Hop as a means of positive self-expression.

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